Although almost no one is free of financial challenges from time to time, those who have developed a sound financial plan, implemented that plan, and ultimately achieved Financial Peace of Mind tend to sleep a little bit better and feel free to focus on truly enjoying their lives.

Eric Hutchinson Speaks

Eric Hutchinson engages his audiences with financial topics.

With years of experience speaking at events of all sizes, appearances on national television and a regular guest on his local CBS affiliate, Eric speaks with confidence and ease. Drawing from decades of practice as a financial planner and advisor, Hutchinson engages audiences with candid accounts of relatable dilemmas and practical solutions.

All speaking engagements can be tailored to your event’s needs.

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Eric and his team work closely to meet their client's needs

Discover Your Path to Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom. Financial Independence. Peace of Mind. These are not just for an elite, fortunate few; these are real possibilities for almost everyone. In this presentation, Eric explains how to get started on a personal path to achieving financial freedom. He will inspire and empower people to get their personal financial affairs in order so they can eliminate worry and unnecessary stress. He shows it is possible to get to a place in life where work for pay is an option, not a requirement. People leave having a renewed, expanded confidence about their financial future.

Eric establishes a family-like atmosphere when working with clients

Live Rich! Retire Rich!

In this inspiring presentation, Eric illustrates how it is possible to live richly and fully now, enjoying life and feeling a sense of comfort, security, and peace of mind about personal financial affairs while still preparing for the long-term future. In this way, retirement years can be just as exciting and fulfilling as working years. Eric shares how to make the rich life not just a possibility, but a reality for you and your family.

Eric works closely with his financial clients to ensure they have peace of mind

The 5 Keys to Financial Peace of Mind

This presentation takes people through the basics of achieving peace of mind about personal financial affairs. Audiences will learn what they need to know about investments and investing, insurance and managing risks in life, planning for a joyful, carefree retirement, managing your taxes, and planning for a sensible handling of their estates, during their lifetime and beyond.

Eric engages an audience about practical financial solutions.

The 5 Keys to Financial Peace of Mind Workshop

This event expands on the overview in Eric’s presentation “The Five Keys to Financial Peace of Mind” to give step-by-step action plans to get financial and investment issues in people’s lives moving in the right direction. Eric teaches strategies to help people determine financial objectives, clarify goals, align goals with values, reduce income taxes, increase current income, reduce exposure to high health care costs, and transfer assets efficiently at death. Whether people are planning for future retirement, trying to live more fully now, or both, this event assists in making smart choices about money so anyone can achieve Financial Peace of Mind.

Eric is a dynamic speaker with expertise in many different aspects of financial planning and investing. To ensure Eric is available to speak at your event, early booking is encouraged. Please contact Eric’s agency today to reserve a spot.

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