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Financial Peace of Mind

means not having to worry or wonder about your financial future.

Although almost no one is free of financial challenges from time to time, those who have developed a sound financial plan, implemented that plan, and ultimately achieved Financial Peace of Mind tend to sleep a little bit better and feel free to focus on truly enjoying their lives.

Eric Hutchinson will help you design a plan for financial peace of mind based on your specific needs and goals.

Eric provides personalized financial counseling

Everyone has different comfort zones and ideas of what financial peace of mind means to them. Leveraging experience gained over thirty years giving financial planning counsel to people just like you, Eric has developed rigorous diagnostic skills that help him find the most efficient ways to help you achieve your financial goals and ultimately, financial peace of mind.

It has been said that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Just as you wouldn’t start building a house without a blueprint for guiding the process, everyone needs a well-thought-out financial plan to guide them in making financial decisions along life’s pathway. Eric uses his professional training and experience to help individuals design their personal financial plan uniquely fashioned to reflect their goals, values and dreams for the future.

The Financial Briefing

Whether sharing his knowledge and experience one-on-one, or speaking to groups, Eric has a unique capability to make complex financial and investment topics understandable and easy to follow. His book, The Financial Briefing, distills much of his accumulated wisdom in a readable, easy-to-digest format than can be referred to time and time again as a practical resource for sound financial guidance.

Called by one reviewer a “must-read,” The Financial Briefing brings lessons learned over thirty years of helping people navigate the complex waters of personal finance. Included are chapters to help you lay a sound foundation for your financial success, tactics and strategies to help you navigate life’s many twists and turns, and critical information to help you plan for your retirement, the education of your children or grandchildren, and provide protection of your family both in life and after you are gone from this world. The Financial Briefing is a treasure trove of tips and sound guidance that is not to be missed.

Cover of The Financial Briefing by Eric Hutchinson

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Making Space for Your Retirement

Making Space for Your Retirement

Recently, Griffin Miller wrote a terrific piece on retirement downsizing for Bankrate. I’d like to highlight a few of these points here and add a couple of my own. Downsizing can be an enticing option for many retirees to help lower living costs, there’s more to it...

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